Hi! Welcome to my page. I am Yuliya and I am a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist based in Chicago, IL. My credentials allow me to practice and provide medical nutrition therapy and give recommendations to the public beyond general knowledge. I use evidence-based research and scientific methods to achieve optimal clinical outcomes in clients care. I am here to help you to attain your health goals and provide you with up to date nutrition advice.  I believe that proper nutrition and food first approach can help in prevention and treatment of various diseases.

Soon after I started practicing, I have noticed that many people had problems with digestive health, specifically IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), which impacted their quality of life tremendously. Many people told me that they have seen numerous healthcare specialists and done many different tests, which showed no abnormalities, but they still experienced digestive symptoms and nothing seemed to work.

I started searching for answers and discovered a low FODMAP diet approach, which is a clinically proven method to help people with IBS. It eliminates or decreases symptoms in 3 out of 4 people with IBS, which is phenomenal. I completed a training at Monash University in Australia (the creators and researchers of this diet) and use this approach in helping some of my clients. I like the low FODMAP diet because it identifies specific food triggers and helps to create an individualized plan for my clients.

My philosophy is treating digestive disorders with the food first approach. This is the reason I became a dietitian; I truly believe in healing properties of food and nutrition. My mission is to help people enjoy their favorite foods without fear and improve quality of life.

When I am not counseling, I like to experiment with food at home, create and modify recipes.  I mix and match various foods and ingredients to make healthy and tasty meals.  This is what I’d like to teach you! The possibilities are endless! My goal is not to tell you to stop eating something that you enjoy but provide you with the plan that will suit your dietary needs.

Another hobby of mine is travelling around the world and gaining knowledge about different cultures and their food habits. I love to learn about healing properties of various foods, plants, herbs and roots that have been used in a particular culture for ages.  Applying some of the techniques that have been used for centuries by our ancestors, such as fermentation process,  helps to improve the health of my patients.  

I hope my knowledge and always continued education helps people to improve their digestive health and enjoy life and food.